About this blog

Hi there, and thanks for visiting. My name is Ashley Oakes and I’m a 27 year old from Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve loved gaming for as long as I can remember and have whiled away many hours of my life with my eyes glued to a screen. My dream is to be able to create these experiences that I love so much and to that end I’ve set up this blog. It will serve largely as the documentation of my pursuit of the dream of game development. I’ll be sharing with you my successes, failures and ideas. I’ve spent some time now creating little prototypes that ultimately never see the light of day and I think that this might be a great platform to share some of these. I’d love to hear your feedback on all of these, good or bad, as that will ultimately lead to better games. I hope that you’ll follow along on this journey, it’s going to be an adventure.